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Fan of the Month - Interview with the Nadia Zaldivar!

Name: Nadia Beatriz Stark Zaldivar
Years old: 16
I live in: Asuncion, Paraguay
Web: @Nadia_Langlois, MyspaceOrkut.
Like: Simple Plan, Patrick, internet and good music!
Hate: Posers, fake friends who stab u in the back at the end
Phrase: "Leave the past in the past gonna find the future" "Life is what u make of it"

Why do you think should be chosen?
OK, first of all I think this is a very hard question to answer, I dont wanna sound too selfish or something but I do wanna explain why I should be "escolhida"  So here I go. 
I think if you pick me up for Fa do Mes will mean that you dont only have amazing brazilian fans who actually read and visit the awesome blog also people from other countries that support the band (like me from Paraguay). That was number one hahaha.
aaaaand..... *thinking about number two* mmm... well, to make all other people know (SP haters and everyone else) how SIMPLE PLAN fans are very united and they support each other, regardless they are from different countries. And also how kind they are with each other  like you guys (from TOG and Brazil) showed to be with me always letting me participate in all the things you do. 


What's your name? How old are you?
My name is Nadia Beatriz Stark Zaldivar
I'm 16 years old

What's your favorite sp guy? And why do u' prefer it?
Can I make u a question before answering?? Does Pat counts as an SP guy? lol

Oh, no problem. Langlois is Simple Plan Group. I think it. Patrick Langlois is your favorite?
Well, I don' have a favorite SP member. I love them all equally. They're all beautiful and perfect for me. They are unique. Every one of them is special in his own way. I can't just decide for one of them. But the one I most admire and I think I feel something different is Patrick. He's the one who makes me cry and smile at the same time. Maybe he's not an official SP member but he's part of the crew still

In you opinion, what is the best thing ever in be a SP fan?
 What a hard question lol well, in my opinion I think everything. SP has the best fans or better say 'family' in the whole world, and being part of it is the most amazing thing ever. I have learnt awesome things since I started being a SP fan, I won’t change it for anything. Being a SP fan is a feeling I just can't describe...If I find the right word one day... Gonna let ya know =) 

What other bands you are fan?
I'm not a real fan of any other band apart SP. But there are some I love and make me feel kind SP does. Groups like: 30 seconds to mars, the veronicas, Paramore, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, John Nathaniel, black eyed peas and many others. 

Whay you expect of new SP’s album?
You make me such hard questions! Lol I hope they get better than the last album, I expect some awesome songs, the best album they have done ever a lot of fresh songs, and maybe some new sounds. Anything they do would be perfect for me too. 

Have you ever go to a concert? Where? Yes, I went to Curitiba's Show last year!!! 19.03.09 best day ever!!! =D 

What you think about brazilian fans?
They are crazy lol they're great fans and also great people, they were really nice with me even if I want from there. I love them fannies (??) LOL

How do you know of That’s our generation?
 Thanks to twitter, they added me and asked me to follow them so I did! I haven't regret of it yet :) love the site! LOL 

What you think about a new Seb’s EP?
 I support him on it. I can't wait for it!!! I really love the first one and I think this one will be as great as the former!!! 

You’re a 16 years old girl, who bring you to Brazil’s concert? With my mom lol she loves Chuck and Jeff she wanted to see them live and also know what special thing SP shows have that I was dying for going to one!

Intend to come back to Brazil in the next tour?
If everything goes as I planned by that time I would be studying in Montreal, but if all goes wrong absolutely yes! :) Unless they go to Argentina, ‘cause is cheaper =$ lol 

How do you feel being our first foreigner girl on a interview?
It’s an honor! It really is ‘because I thought I would never have chance with all the Brazilian girls who are trying to enter. Thank you so much! =)

We appreciate it. The interview is done. Thank you for your care. Wanna say something?
Greetings to my family and... lol just kidding! I know there are some non Brazilian fans who check also to That's Our Generation and I invite them to enter to fã do mês too =) and thanks again for picking me up! U guys rock just as SP! lol
PS, Pat is mine!!!!! Get over it girls!


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